IDEAL company is a leading producer of accessories which are used for setting up aluminium profiles’ constructions. 50-year experience allows the company to retain its stable position on the domestic market and the high quality of products and services is reflected in our customers’ satisfaction.

There are over 400 accessories in the offer, which can be widely applied to aluminium profiles’ constructions in display and furniture industry. These items perfectly compliment the offer of the two biggest Polish aluminium profiles factories: Grupa Kęty and SAPA Aluminium. Our accessories can be also applied to various systems based on European profiles. The most important elements for aluminium profiles are the locks which allow various combinations (at a right, an acute and an obtuse angle).

Other crucial elements are head corners whose attractive colours improve the overall quality and the aesthetics of the construction. To make the whole construction even more attractive it is advisable to choose from the wide range of finishing accessories, such as hole plugs, legs, seals. Elements for moving door systems such as hangers, carriages, guide bars and other steel items such as floor and corner angle sections can be also recommended. IDEAL company has a very well-equipped tool-house which enables the implementation of all novelties and realization of individual orders.

Moreover, we are able to produce short series of particular elements and prototypes at customers’ request. We cooperate with the countries from the Western Europe and at the moment we are extending our market to the Eastern Europe.

We guarantee reliability, professionalism and promptness. What is more, we render a broad scope of technical services to help our clients solve the problems concerning setting up aluminium profiles.

We hope that the presented accessories, as well as the satisfactory discounts on wholesale purchases, will make our cooperation dynamic at the same time helping your company to develop.

Marketing Department:
Chyby, ul. Szamotulska 2, 62-081 Przezmierowo, POLAND
tel. (+48 61) 814 27 32
e-mail: pphu@ideal.net.pl